Sunday, September 9, 2007

ROAD TRIP! (part one)

Grant and Margaret, or Frank and Nancy?

Our cheerleader!

Relay games were a blast. Go Blue Waves!

Yes, we have a tractor boy. He screamed when we pulled him off.


So, I realized I'm not so consistent with this blog thing when it took me four tries to remember my password and get into my blogger acount. I am in the process of repenting - please be patient.
In July of this summer we had a great Mayne (Stacy's family) reunion in Oceanside, OR. Almost all attended, and we sorely missed those who could not (like the yellow-jacket-stung-on-the face-on-the-way to-reunion sister!) Activities enjoyed were relaxing in the very interesting beach house, playing games, frolicking on the beach, building sand castles, seeing the octopus tree, and lunch at Mo's. Enjoy the pictures!